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lovely atmosphere, especially with the wind and music :3 though i did find the leaf upgrades to be disproportionally time-consuming with how many times you had to buy it, even with the help of the holy bird tornado :P 

also the graphics of the leaves blowing in the wind was pretty well done and looked very nice!


This was pleasant to play! I ended up wishing I hadn't maxed out the bird stat so soon. The giant flock of them made it too difficult to see my trees and it stripped the fun out of it before I finished maxing everything out, but I liked the simplicity and the sense of progression before then. The birds added a fun element of using your reflexes to the usual clicking and waiting.

Is this supposed to happen??

There's like a million birds at once


Yeah. It's just an end-game Easter egg kinda thing. Keep in mind it was for a jam and made sense to me in that context to end it like that.


is  this ending  random? like I can get some other ending?

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Great clicker. Feels good to progress, and the boost from fruits is awesome. The efficiency that comes from late-game birds is also a great touch.

I think it'd be great if it had a little victory screen on max everything.


winning the game was fun but maybe make the tree the main source of income over the birds

Cool concept but the absolutely insane amount of birds at the end lagged out the game so hard I had to close the tab and reopen the game. Wish there was a way to toggle off the birds because damn was that too many birds. Cool game otherwise though, love the idea, we need more games about plants and trees and stuff.

try turning off the audio it worked for me

Lovely!! I like that it doesn't slow down like most idle games. The flock of birds was funny but I was sad that I couldn't see the completed trees.

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I saw many people have this issue so I set up a game without buying the last bird upgrade to show you the completed trees


So many birds

Ended too soon, but it was worth it.


if this gets 25 upvotes I will play for two hours.


if this gets 5 upvotes I will play this for a hour

Do it.




I played it for 1 hour, sadly I wasn’t thinking, and I forgot to take a screenshot of it :/

play time times 10 for every additional upvote! :-P

1000e bfore like i ok i am done


idea is so great and i actually like the short experience of the game, it works well for a passerby like me. i think it would be a nice addition if you added a bird toggle. at the end i would love to see my trees, but those damn birds! you've done a fantastic job <3

The end is kinda funny with all the birds :)
I have to say the music is great and relaxing. Not long with an autoclicker though :D

Love it



i love it . but at the max number of birds is so much .


yes, i agree, the birds are conducting a mass invasion of our trees

-Made a Video.

-The Game: 05:50 (The 2nd Game)


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Wow! this is really something! It's so fun after the last bird upgrade and fun all the way through. Thank you for making this game! <3<3<3

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Birds galore!


It was a lovely game. The text, the feel. It was over all a good experience. Simple and was good for what it is. I love how short it is too


Doesn't give idle clicker feel like some games give which is good, keep up with good work maybe in future probably think of next level up or change of day add some colors...and possibly pests besides birds.  To click away.


It was such a relaxing gaming experience - the music, the pixel art, the simple gameplay... All of that combined was just wonderful. <3 Especially the music reminded me, weirdly enough, a bit of "Final Fantasy VII", though I don't really know why. Maybe my brain made a weird connection between Aerith and the flowers and the titular orchard in your game? :) Anyway, thank you very much for this little clicker game, I simply had to write a little recommendation article about it. :) I also uploaded a short gameplay video of your entry. <3

Best wishes,


Nice concept but a shame there is no end once you're maxed out, just watching the sea of birds fly by while my life creeps past 800,000,000 pts lol

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The lag after the last bird upgrade on the right is insane.

Finished it.

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Took your time! Thanks for playing! :)


got a little crazy after the final bird upgrade, b


when i was young i thought of a game where you grow a tree or a plant and each has its own experience and you make a forest and life stuff, great concept!


The final bird upgrade made me laugh out loud :D Great little game!

Thanks, I'm glad it could give you a chuckle! :)

Great game!

Great game!

Lovely peaceful game, congrats!

Finished it.

Finished it.

I am not sure if this was intentional, but I am at the point in the game where the birds blot out the trees, and the tab on chrome is seriously lagging. This is a picture of the game at that point.


It's intentional. But it was designed as a game over thing after everything else has been completed, so the user can crash out before leaving. The problem is one of balancing, it is too easy to get to the final bird level. You seem to have got most of the upgrades though, so you're as good as finished. As long as you enjoyed the journey, might as well blow up the destination. :)

Oh, yeah I definitely got the birds too early, but it was a fun game! I enjoyed it before Chrome wanted to tap out.

i love it