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Great :D

Great :


Fun game! I dig it. The only problem is that i can't download it. These browser games never run properly on my pc. It crashed after almost 15min. Any chance of a downloadable version? I would love to beat this game. 

What's your browser and specs? We can do a downloadable version, but we use tools like NWJS and Electron to do so, these are basically standalone stripped down browsers, so I can't guarantee it'd work any better for you. It's only been tested on Chrome, Firefox and Opera.

I use Firefox, and I'm not sure what my pc specs are but it's not a great one. I have trouble with games quite a bit. Maybe it will work better for me with a different browser. I'll give that a shot.


Cool game!
(you guys gave the mutants buckteeth? XD

Lol thank you! And thank you for releasing your sprites in the first place! They did get some minor edits, to make them more handsome! :)

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good retro