Please read controls below to save yourself some time!

This game was made in GB Studio for Wonderjam 3. It is about a game dev who's excited to test his new game, unfortunately it's never that easy! The game features 12 levels over 3 distinct worlds. Be warned, not everything is as it seems, to complete this game you will have to think outside the box.

I done the art and programming. My friend Matharoo did an excellent job on the music. And we used SFX assets by Coffee Bat as they worked directly in GB Studio!


  • Z - Interact, progress dialogue, select menu item
  • X - Jump
  • Arrow Keys - Move
  • Enter - Open in-game men


Download 256 kB
game.pocket 256 kB

Install instructions

I have only partially tested the ROM. I have not tested the POCKET at all. If you want these files then one presumes you know what to do with them! :)


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Fun and original idea. Cute graphics. Many thanks for a fun 1/2 hour.