A small game inspired by another game I used to play aaages ago called "TOWER" which no longer seems to exist on the internet. The game is written in JavaScript and uses a lib called Matter.js for some of the physics. Art was created using Inkscape and GIMP. Audio was sourced from free services (attribution is in the game credits.)

There's more work that could be done, but I'm otherwise happy with this! :)


It's all just mouse and uses only the left mouse button.

How To Play:

It's very much designed to be an experimental kind of game, where you try different things to see how far you can get. But the basic idea is you have several blocks you can create; some of them shoot, some of them create resources (required to buy more blocks and power the ones that shoot). And you have to place them in order to destroy the enemies trying to destroy your "core" block.

You buy blocks with points, which you can acquire from killing enemies (+1 per enemy) or from bank blocks which give you a passive +1 every second. You select the block you want from the shop (bottom of the screen) and place it in the world using the guide.

Blocks that shoot require energy to do so. You can create more energy by building more generator blocks.


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Love it