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An interactive fiction game made for #RainbowJam17. 

Mas knows she’s been deceived when her long distance lover isn’t who and where she said she was, but when a friend reveals an even more startling discovery, Mas must push to find the truth.

Featuring all original writing and video.


The last day of the jam was a rush, so there's a little less in terms of interactivity and flow as we would have liked and some timings are off, but all the content is there. If you get lost, open (and ideally read!) all the emails to progress. Written in HTML/CSS/JS, it's a web app, but due to the filesize of the videos I am using nwjs for the Windows build.


All mouse.


Programming: Jack Oatley
Writing: Nickolas Forsten, Heather Baba
Actress (as Daena): Samantha Hanna
Icon Graphics: Francis Fonye


distance-build.zip 147 MB

Install instructions

  1. Download the zip file
  2. extract the files
  3. run distance.exe

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