I've been wanting to make a game like this for a long time and thought LRJ would be a good excuse. Other things got the better of me however, so it's totally unfinished! It looks nice, I'm happy with how the style turned out and I think the gameplay would have been decent and relatively unique. We'll have to see if I can come back to it.

This was also my first time using TypeScript. And this did not help. I'm very fluent in JavaScript, alongside Closure Compiler, and for me TypeScript offered no benefits over my existing workflow. So this was a bit of a downer too!

If you're interested you can see the source here (may be messy!): https://github.com/JackOatley/LRJ_2020


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Well done. Reminds me of Dungeon Keeper, which is still one of my favorite games. I´ve always wanted to make a similar game as DK using either Fusion or Unity. This kind of pathfinding isn’t easy to do, so it’s still just my dream. Great that you decided to share the source code. -oneak