A small game created for #LOWREZJAM 2017. It's a sandbox game with no objectives other than to build your world and settlement, experimenting with resources to do so.

There's some things I planned that didn't make it into the game. Such as citizens that travel the roads help boost your production. Achievements and help are also missing in the jam version, though I do plan on adding these in later.

How to play:

Use your mouse to select tiles and items and place them into the world. Use WASD to scroll around the world. You can save items to use later by placing them into your inventory at the bottom of the screen.

Rated 3.9 out of 5 stars
(11 total ratings)
AuthorsJackOatley, Isaac Schanno Johnson
TagsCity Builder, Crafting


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Nothing is happening theres a brown blob on my screen covered in grass??

Apologies, there's a variable error in the game despite me not changing it at all. But I'll look into soon, I have to fix several of my games for similar issues!

Okay sounds good ill come back to it when its fixed! :D

Fixed. Some issue with Date time returning a negative number for some bizarre reason, and this was messing with animations.

Okay great!


I agree with what user @DarklingArcher says about learning what everything does and liked the game. But I found that randomly the speaker would pop and it got annoying really fast. Also a list of controls would have been helpful. like left click unselects the tile. Those are my only complaints.

how can you use coins?

A cute and relaxing game, though I had trouble figuring out what each building does.


It'd be really nice if it wouldn't give you things you aren't able to place anywhere; took me a few hours to wait for the tiles I needed to fill the map. It's fun if not confusing.

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"Sorry theres no help" lol 

good job, i only wish that making the roads connect was a bit easier

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It's an interesting start to what feels like could be a Minecraft/Terraria-type game, or possibly also an RTS!

Also, I wanted to submit an entry for this year's jam, but I ran out of time (kids/work got me this year).  But if you host again, pleeease invite me! I'll also keep an eye out. (sorry for spamming your game comments; I haven't found a way to message you through itch)