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how can you use coins?

A cute and relaxing game, though I had trouble figuring out what each building does.

It'd be really nice if it wouldn't give you things you aren't able to place anywhere; took me a few hours to wait for the tiles I needed to fill the map. It's fun if not confusing.

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"Sorry theres no help" lol 

good job, i only wish that making the roads connect was a bit easier

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It's an interesting start to what feels like could be a Minecraft/Terraria-type game, or possibly also an RTS!

Also, I wanted to submit an entry for this year's jam, but I ran out of time (kids/work got me this year).  But if you host again, pleeease invite me! I'll also keep an eye out. (sorry for spamming your game comments; I haven't found a way to message you through itch)