Controls: Arrows keys + Z/X

A Game Boy styled side-scrolling squad shooter. Made for GBJAM 10. Take on the role of a hero and lead a squad of soldiers to defeat an evil that has poisoned the land! The theme of the jam was Plant/Plants and we implemented this in a pretty straightforward way in that your enemies are plants.

I used this neat palette from polyphrog As I wanted minimal colors but have a completely different color for highlights and this worked out rather well for things like petals and gems.

This was also my first time using the Tiled map editor. Which turn out really handy and it's JSON export obviously worked perfectly with pure JS, I would say 0 implementation beyond what I already had in my test level.


Jack Oatley - Programming, Art and SFX.

alphaostrack (Soundcloud) - Music

And we both worked on ideas and concepts.

Rated 4.2 out of 5 stars
(6 total ratings)
AuthorsJackOatley, alphaostrack
TagsGame Boy, Pixel Art, Side Scroller


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no idea how I keepdying to the thing.
I have like 12 health and getting hit by it's 3 bullets instakills me :-/


Oh a Mercenary Force-like game ! Interesting, always found it very unique. Gonna play it soon.

Well I've just tried, nice but some design choices makes it a bit too hard. Instant Game over when colliding with a boss is too much imo. Still a nice game !

Great game

Looks nice and plays well :)

Love the graphics!  

Thanks you!